Addressing the problems offenders face can help break the cycle of reoffending.

The offence focused rehabilitation programs offered help to develop life skills, provide counselling and support, and help build constructive days, routines and reinforce good habits.

However, for the offenders and prisoners who are most likely to reoffend, there are offence-focused rehabilitation programs. These programs address specific risk factors, such as criminal attitudes, which have been demonstrated to contribute to the likelihood they will reoffend.

International research has demonstrated that offering targeted and effective rehabilitation services to offenders is an effective way to decrease an offender’s likelihood of reoffending.

Rehabilitation benefits

The key goal of rehabilitation is to reduce reoffending. A reduction in reoffending will mean less victims of crime and less social and economic cost to the community. Successful rehabilitation leads to safer communities.

Our rehabilitation services

We offer a range of services to offenders and prisoners: