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PSC provides help, support, and information for detainees either in police custody or within the prison system in Cameroon. PSC also tries to ensure that the diets are nutritionally sound and that inmates clothing, hygiene and bodycare products are made available or can be ordered or sent in to prisoners. PSC also ensures regular sporting competitions to help keep inmates busy while serving their terms

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Physical activity programs for prisoners like sport and organised runs isn’t about being soft on crime, it is about helping people rehabilitate for everyone’s sake.

The number of young people in Cameroonian prisons is soaring. In the past ten years the state’s prison population has increased tremendously due to the sociopolitical crisis in the country, and in the coming year the government is expected to spend so much money in building new prison facilities across the nation.

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Volunteers are our core great partners! Join our community of volunteers and make a real difference to our work in all the prisons across Cameroon. We value and praise our volunteers for the amazing work they are doing by putting their lives and integrity on the line to help provide a safe haven for inmates We currently do not have any volunteering opportunities available, but please do keep an eye on this page as we hope there is something that interests you in the near future.

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Provide a lifeline today. Be a part of saving lives and protecting human rights. A small amount each month will give hope to people all over Cameroon affected by imprisonment. Your privacy We always store your personal details securely. We'll use them to provide the service that you have requested, and communicate with you in the way(s) that you have agreed to. Your data may also be used for analysis purposes, to help us provide the best service possible

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Help Us Launch a National Prison Tournament

Launch of prison sports tournament

People That Needs Healthy Food

PSC has made it possible for us to have a tournament like this without any problems between the inmates, cause we used to do them but there was always fights and other problems that made us stop them, but now they (the inmates) know that this is an opportunity for them and they want to make the best out of it”, said the prison superintended of the Buea Central Prison

New School For Childrens

Prisoners at the Buea Central Prison taking pictures with the CEO and Founder of PSC after receiving their medals and awards.

National Prison Tournament

During this last years we had the pleasure to organise     municipal prison tournaments in the South West Region, which had 12 teams of 6, divided into 4 groups. They all played against each other and the winner of each group would get a ticket to the semifinals.

PSC will be organizing a mega Prison Tournament in the days and months ahead to create an enabling environment for inmates previous sporting activities has made it possible for our organization to be noticed at home and abroad and we have held them with 100 percent success and without any problems between the inmates.

Prisoners Engaged in Sports

Various Prison Football and Hamdball teams matching across the grandstand in front of various dignitaries and representations of our partners

Bring Water To Prisoners

PSC will be launching an operation Borehole Project to provide clean water to some major prisons in the North West and South West Regions of the Country.

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You Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow

Helps us change the lives of prisoners in Cameroon 

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Help Break the Cycle of Crime!

The Prison Fellowship Academy changes lives by addressing the tough issues that are often at the root of criminal behavior.


With YOUR help today, we can reclaim broken lives. We can send men and women who have been transformed by God’s grace back into their communities with the Gospel’s message of forgiveness, restoration and new life.

How Can You Help People in Prison Right Now?

Give Money Directly

Restore Hope and Justice. PSC helps people find incarcerated individuals who need money for commissary items such as food, or hygiene products like soap and toothpaste. You can find identification information for an incarcerated person who needs money and channel directly to the person via our organization by contacting our human resource officer on the contact page.


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As part of our agenda for the year 2021, Prisoners Support Cameroon (PSC) in partnership with Worldview Mission International (WMI), SADEA and Plan Cameroon will be launching its third phase of a mega humanitarian assistance to inmates in the prisons of Buea, Bamenda and the Littoral regions of Cameroon. PSC has been operating in Cameroon for the past four years providing support and assistance to inmates in the South West Region of Cameroon. Due to the deepening Anglophone crisis which has brought untold suffering to the inhabitants of the North West and South West and the increasing number of prisoners in the already inhabitable prisoners, PSC support is going to be providing some basic humanitarian needs in some four prisons in Buea and Bamenda respectively. These urgent humanitarian needs comprise of: 300 bags of rice, 300 Mattresses, Cartons of bathing soap, and the provision of a borehole in each prison earmarked. All these will be achieved in the space of four years


To uplift the status of inmates by showing how to bring peace, love and progress to humanity in dying need. It does not matter where you are, whether in prisons or in government, you can still touch the lives of people around you through positive living and love. We can be leaders without title when we make our life to be of service to others by making them happy always in prison.

PSC is planning with the permission of the prisons authorities to build a one-stop skills acquisition centre in Bamenda and Buea in the years ahead. The centre will have a computer training unit as well as motor vehicle, motorcycle, generator and handsets repair training workshops, while the vocational workshop will be expanded in Bamenda and Buea

Bags of Rice


Amount per bag

Grand total

300 Bags

Buea and Bamenda Central Prisons




300 Matrasses

Buea and Bamenda Central Prisons





You know that through the power of the Gospel even the most broken people and situations can be made whole again. Your support of Prison Fellowship brings amazing awakening to new hope and purpose to men and women behind bars. Those who once broke the law are transformed and mobilized to serve their neighbors, and the cycle of crime is replaced by a cycle of renewal!

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